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Ardouin, Guillemin, Claverie, and Hebert — compagnons de voyage on the journey from A to Z, who, by expert knowledge of the route, have made that journey easier. To each and all of tliese I offer mv sincere thanks. the dic Uonary.] Oue dot (T') marks u terminal as silent, except when the word immediately following begins with a vowel or silent h. May AUBERGE inn : tavern |.blossom AUBERGINE egg-plant [solaniim melongena'] AUBERGISTE [re'occ Mpa Hon[care) ' soin(-s] i V. | Call his to the fact Sthat, Faites-lui remarquer que ... if [to please) prevenant ATTEN'TIVENESS attention : prevenance Attes't va. AUD FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS AUT AUDIENCE _ : court : sitting AUDIENCIER" usiier [des comptes) auditor AUDITEUR tor : hearer : disciple | Les s, The audience [Le verbe suivant est au pi.] Auditif -ive a. More [ou worse, faster, etc.] than ever : more and more | i"echapper belle. Baliser] BEAD perle : grain [fluid) goutte [mould- ing) baguette [of tyre) bourrelet [vn.) perler | To tell one's s. BRIQTIETERIE [breek-tree] brick-yard : = BRIQUE-TIER-- brick-maker [brick-making °'BRIQVETTES- (pi] patent fuel BRIS" breaking open (ou loose] [«t) wreck /'Brisable a.

My sister Marian Gibbins undertook the responsible and very tedious task of the initial proof-reading, a service for which it is difficult adequately to thank her. I AM indebted to many friends and correspondents on both sides- of thetlhannel for much of the new matter which distinguishes tlie present (or third) Edition of this dictionary from its predecessors. In addition to this, two dots (T") mark it as silent [or if an N" that it remains nasal] even when followed by u word beginning with a vowel or silent h. Chez' given with one dot indicates that the z is silent when followed by a con- sonant, but forms liaison when followed by a vowel — that is. so that Chez elle sounds Chi-ze Ue ; but on the other hand, COUP" given witli two doti indicates that the P is silent under all circumstances, so that Uri coup a la fi Hs is sounded " Un cou u la fbis." and not " Un cmi-pa," etc. or double dot, followed by an K as an indication of tlie feminine form [as UMOUSIN"-R] must uf course be understood as applying to the masculine only. The pronunciation of words — in the many cases where it is given — is shown by phonetic spelling in Ualic type, either between brackets immediately after the words themselves, or printed down t)ie left side of the type-columns. Twenty years of age i AGENCE agency [.edje-nnoe'\ commission | ' Hatxis, ' Central News Agency ' (of France] Agence-e pp. Beyond : on the other side | derriere de, Beliind | -dessous. Soin & Vie, Eng.] To pay _, c Faire A : avoir egard (to, a] To devote one's ^ to, Se donner a | To give one's to, Se g preoccuper de . attestor [signature) legaliser ATT'IC mansarde [dialect & salt) attique ATTI'RE [iat] vetement [uiomen's)atours(pl] va. ditory AUDITION" hearing [concert) private perfor- mance : pupils' concert AUDITOIRE audience 0=^ : auditory AUOE trough : hod : spout | AUOEE trough- ful : liodful I AUGET" trough : bucket ] Roiie a s, Overshot wheel AUGMENT" I Augmentatif -ive a. To have a narrow escape | Tout , Gently | Tout cela est bel et bon, mais, Tliat is all very fine, but [F. breakable | BRISANT" breaker BRISE breeze Bpis6-e a.

conjonction : conjuguer : plais liar plaisanterie : in fun conjugaisoii poet poetiquemeut const constrt Ktion : building polit politique ' pop populaire "^ cuts cuisine : cookery t eye cycle : cycling pp. feminin : feminine prep, preposition fain style familier pret. pronom : pronoun fort fortification sculp sculpture fr francais : French se pr. The initiator and inspirer of this work, John Bellows, has not lived to see its publication. BEG PRANg AIS-ANGLAIS BEN b Ag VEULE prude : ' tottch-me-not sort of person ' | Faire la _, To be prudish — a.

partioipe passe ; past dr droit : law participle ilectr electrieite : electricity se prononce gen genie : engineering sing singulier : singular »e'03 geographic subj. But at his death in 1902 he left behind him something of greater value even than the manu- script upon which he loved to labour ; for in the memory of his life and work lay just that inspiration to continue to the end, which has so often been the needed mainstay of the reviser. [Beau becomes Bel before a noun beginning with vowel or silent h : Bel homme. straight-laced | RIE prudery B^QU'IN" cap I 'Avoir un pour,' To 'be sweet on ' [ou ' mashed on '] [thing ' BEGVINE : mtn [fig) 'poor mtperstitimts B^GU'INAQE convent (of Bonnes'] bigotry Beige a.

English | a V e, In the English way [ou style] Filer a V — , To 'slip away' ANQLE 03^ [agne^gxie-ll corner [const) quoin | a droit avec, At right angles with | a 1' — de to rue, At the street corner Anglican" -ea : of the Church of England | L'eglise—e, The Church of England | _ISME Angliclser" va. to flatten : to smooth [tech) to float APLATISSE-MENT- flattening APLOMB" [m nasal ] standing perpendicular Ipers) self-possession : assurance : 'cheek' : audacity | D' , Upright | Perdre 1' , To lose one's balance APOCALYPSE— I Apocalyptiquea. apoc'ryphal | Les livres s, The Apoc'rypha | Apode a. to season : to sweeten : to temper (avec, with [fig) de, with] AS-SASSIN"_ : murderer | a l'_! to assassinate [fig) to worry [ou bore] one out of one's life AS'SAUT" lasso] assault : attack | d'armes. blinding : dazzling AVEUGLE blindman [a.) blind (sur, to] En _, Blindlv I Les _s. to debase : to degrade : to lower [com) to depreciate | S' , vr. degrading : lowering AVILISSE'MENT' degradation : worthlessness AVION" aeroplane AVIRON " oar i L'_, Rowing AVIS" advice : opinion : intelligence : mind : notice : news : warning | a mon , In my opinion | Du meme , Of the same opinion | M'est , I rather think : my impression is | d'expedition, Advice note | Autant de tetes, autant d' , So many men, so many minds Avise -e a. A point (S") means silent, or ON' LL* L* liquid; two points (S") no liaison. BAN PRANg AIS-ANGLAIS BAR BANDE'AU bandage : headband : string-course BANDE-LETTE slip : fillet Bander' va. to deal in second-hand goods : BROCANTEUR -EUSE stock-jobber : dealer in BROCARD" jeer : taunt [.curiosities BROCART" brocade | BROCHAGE stitching BROCHE spit Iclieville) spigot [ a tricoter) j knitting needle [bijou de fetnme) brooch [tech) pin : spindle lata , On the spit : roasted | Banc a s, Roving frame Broclie-e a.

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speaking of part, partifiipe : participle things as contra-dis- peint pcinture : painting tinguished from per- pers personne cheni chemistry Lsons) phot photographie chim chiniie phys physique com commerce : commercial pi pluriel : plural COf O'. In the compilation of these pages, tlie aim has been to comprise such portions of the French and English languages as will serve for all the ordinary purposes of the life we live to-day; for, as Littre so well puts it in liis preface, " I'usage conteraporain est le premier et le principal objet d'un dictionnaii-e." And not only have the ordinary or daily requirements of the general reader been considered, but this dictionary will be found to contain its full share of technical words and combinations, alive, it is believed, with the life that is the joy of the translator, and derived, wherever possible, from the most authoritative sources.BAS"-FOND" flat : low ground [mer) shoal [ Les s [d'ttne ville] The slums BASILIC basil [serpent) basilisk BASILIQUE basilica BASIN" [sasz] Ds^ dimity Basique a. Quelles parties de la France ~b a-t-e He visitees ? Nous etions en train de rire | He has been play- ing with the cats, II a joue avec les chats | 100 I am leaving for ..., Je vais partir pour ... burning : hot ; fervent Loured BRULi burnt taste (ou smell] Sentir le _, To smell of burning [ BRULEMENT" Vjurning ' BRULE-GUEULE ' short pipe : cutty P Br Olo-pourpoinf | a , ad.basic [s, f] BAS*-MAT" [hah-ma1i\ lower-mast BASQUE [e-teve-ye-nti] BATEAU boat [de voiture) body [fam) fashion | 'Monter un a.' To 'have ... [or, Je pars pour ...] He is sleeping, II dort I We were speaking of ..., Nous par- lions de ... Nous venous den parler | I am seeing 105 to it, Je men occupe [The infinitive is sometimes used with Etre a ...) They are always complaining, lis sont toujours a se plaindre FOLLOWED BY PAST PARTICIPLE 110 That is not to be despised, Cela nest pas o dedaigner | It is said. On dira | This prevented it being burned, Cela I'empecha d'etre brflle ["Very often the reflective verb is employed 115 in French, as : I am surprised that ..., Je m'etonne que ... right in one's face : suddenly : all at once [argument) direct Brfller' va.to churn BARBACANE —bican : loop-hole BARBARASSE [*] stopper BARBARE [erbe occasion | Into the , Par-dessus .c le M I It's a ! ecorcer[vn.) aboyer (at, a, apres, contre] — ING aboiement(-s] [of trees) decortication BARK'-PIT fosse a tan BAR'LEY orge [masc when used with perle, carre, monde. is Guerre de seigneur a seigneur] BAR'ONET [bar'-e-ne-fi baronnet Baro'nial [rone-t/e-t] a. PARTICIPLE [Etre en train de, or the indicative present, 95 imperfect, or past def. murmuring BRUISSEMENT" rustling : murmur BRUIT" [pr.

seigneurial : de baron BARR'ACKS (pi] ire-ks} caserne (sing] BARR'ATRY [,t] baraterie BARR'EL Iba-re-t] baril [tar) ffonne [of pump) corps [of a clock) barillet [of a gun) canon [va.) embariller [road) bomber | — He'd a. to base : to ground (sur, on] Se basunt sur, Going by ... of the verb, or Aller, is used in French) He is reading, II est en train de lire | We were laughing. brrcee'] noise : roar : rumour ; report : 'to-do' : ' fuss '[metallique) clang [de cftatnes) clank [sec) click | a grand , Ostentatious- ly I Beaucoup de pour rien, Much ado about nothing | Faire du , To make a noise | a petit , Quietly | Le court, It is rum- Brfllanf-e a.

bientot : tout a Vheure \ Ever and , [poet] De temps en temps Anon'ymously [e-nonni"] ad. d' , Set : formal AP-PARAUX- (pi] tackle AP'PAREIL* [pi. the day after to-morrow APRfe S--Di NER" after dinner : afternoon APRES-MIDI [&m.] afternoon APRfe S'-SOUPER" after supper : evening APRETE harshness : greediness A-PROPOS" timeliness : pertinency [V. qualified : fit : fitted (a, to, for] APTITUDE _ lap-ti-tioude'] fitness (a, to, for] Certificatd' — pour I'enseignement, Teacher's APUREMENT" auditing [certificate Apurer" va. to drain AS'SEMBLAGE _ Imach.) coupling : holding gdown imenuis) joint : framing [tech) bond slreliure) gathering | a rainure, Tonguing S and grooving | a trait de Jupiter, Scarfing ASSEMBLES [mnas.]_bly : congregation : party : assemblage [ K ) assembly As'sembler" va. To cool down ATTlt DIS-SEMENT- cooling : coolness Aftifer" va. BANDE'ROLE shoulder-belt : streamer BANDIT- _ Ibann'-ditt, i bref] robber BANDOTJLIERE shoulder-belt | BANJO [n BANLIEUE suburbs : outskirts (pi] Lnas.] _ BANNE tilt : awning : blind [panier) hamper BANNIE au RABAIS' putting up to contract BANNIERE banner : standard : flag Bannir va. SB [Ixxjk-) stitcher BROCHURE ■—' : pamphlet [action) stitching BROCOLI brocco U Br(Kl«;-e embroidered [fam) worked [fig) em- bellished BRODE-QU'IN" [lace-up) boot ffs^ [torture) boot [fig) comedy Broiler' va.

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