Who is maino dating Fling on sex dating

26-Apr-2020 12:29

She tried to be in touch with this man by making a visit to jail and writing letters to him.

They had their engagement too, but this was later on called off because Lil had to peruse her career.

It was in her teens when she started her love journey with Shawn Powell.

First there were the cruel rumors that Keyshia Cole’s mother had died in a car accident, and now there’s a pesky rumor that the R&B singer is dating rapper Maino. One thing that is true is that she’s going on tour with Keri Hilson, The-Dream, and Bobby Valentino beginning May 13. “In response to the rumor about superstar R&B artist Keyshia Cole dating rapper Maino, which has been floating around the ’net, I, Manny Halley, would like all the bloggers to personally know that there is no truth to this rumor.

He also kept stressing how important it was for her to overcome her fear and called the shooting “one bad night.” Many “LHHNY” viewers felt Maino tried to downplay Carrie’s PTSD and didn’t take mental illness seriously. It’s not about one bad night ruining anyone’s life. It’s not easy to get pass.” “Is it me, are they acting like getting shot is not a big thing… there is nothing wrong with you trying to help Maggie get over her PTSD but PLEASE don’t rush her.