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It is also revealed later in the series that Jesse was born "Hermes Katsopolis."It is also known that, early in the series, Jesse had graduated high school (revealed in the high school reunion episode) but then later in the series, Jesse had not graduated high school (and he began taking night classes and studying with Boyfriend Steve).Speaking of Boyfriend Steve, his last name was initially Peters and then later became Hale.Michelle is played by the Olsen twins, who are commonly assumed to be identical twins (At least, I always assumed they were.) But the Olsen twins are not actually identical twins; they just looked enough alike as young children that they could believably play the same role. Whether or not Nicky and Alex are played by identical twins, I think we can easily accept, based on this Olsen-clue, that the characters might not be identical twins whose appearances, upon reaching adolescence, diverged. Possibilities: First, there is the possibility that Stephanie is simply herself, Stephanie Tanner, and hasn't time-traveled yet.They still looked somewhat similar (both being handsome young men and all). The Identity of Stephanie One last question lingers: What time-traveler caused the initial transformation of Jesse Cochran into Jesse Katsopolis? What significant life event accompanied the transition between Cochran and Katsopolis? It happened in the first episode of Season 2, which is also the season where Jesse became Jesse Katsopolis. This is unlikely since "Steve," in the context of Full House, is a time-traveling pseudonym that is only adopted afterwards. It must be someone with some stake in Jesse and his past and heritage.This is borne out by Boyfriend Steve also being something of a dimwit.

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Unlike Cousin Steve, there's nothing that forces the conclusion that Boyfriend Steve is a time-traveler.Her mother's only brother is Uncle Jesse, who's not Cousin Steve's father, right?