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Return to troubleshooting Section A - Installing the Server Section B - Adding Language Levels Section C - Activating Language Level Licensing Section D - Set Up Rosetta Stone Manager Version 3 Section E - Install Rosetta Stone Manager Version 3 on Administrator Workstations Section F - Connecting Administrator Workstations to the Server Section G - Install Rosetta Stone Network Version 3 on Learner Workstations Section H - Connecting Learner Workstations to the Server Your organization will use at least one language and language level with Rosetta Stone Manager.

We recommend adding all languages and levels before proceeding to Section C for activation.

Make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive for all of the levels you will be installing.

Based on your organization’s licenses, you will have one or more Activation IDs.

This can happen if your activation files have been involuntarily reset.

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You may also use this article if you've lost any of the installation disks included in your Rosetta Stone® Language Learning package.Follow these directions to change your email address associated with a Rosetta Stone product.