Updating a mobile home inside

15-Mar-2020 18:41

Whether it be luan, heavy duty wall paper, sheet rock, or tongue and groove knotty pine, we have covered almost all of them with a product that seals them better from the weather outside. So, here’s the scoop on the products and the job and the issues we’ve had since we had it done 6 months ago. The shutters on the house were the same ones that came with it and had been spray painted various colors over the years about 5 times. So, we purchased new shutters and decided on some colors for the house, shutters, and doors. - Shutters: Behr Ultra Base 4853 Ultra Exterior Flat Matte Color: #1002-7A Regal Plum /House siding: Behr Ultra Base 4854 Ultra Exterior Flat Matte Color:#6006-1C Ivory Brown) We sought estimates from 3 different people. We are so happy with the job they did and the colors we chose.We had always been told that painting vinyl siding was a really bad idea and that after a few years it would look terrible. The paint that was recommended was Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Stain Blocking Paint and Primer in One (Flat). One thing we found troubling was that two of them quoted us a price for 1 coat and then another prices for 2 coats. Once the house was painted we also had new gutters installed and everything was as it should be.Sooooo many months ago, I posted on our facebook page that we were getting ready to have our double wide painted.People asked me to share our experience, and soooo many months later, I am finally getting around to telling you all about it!But painting the exterior of the house will literally make it feel like you have a new house.We do not regret making this choice over the new siding at all.

Plus they help insulate better and sound proof, both of which are issues mobile home owners have issues with. 2) Corrugated Metal: In our laundry room, we kind of ran out of budget, but found a KILLER deal on some metal roofing, so we installed it on one wall. 3) Planking: The last (and most recent) wall treatment we’ve added is plank walls. If you’re looking to add a little something extra to a space, wall coverings can go a long way, baby!

But, we got an estimate from a great contractor that we have found and had him do the job. The product information is as follows: (Update: It has been 3 years since we painted and it still looks fantastic. Personally, if you are going to paint my house, and guarantee it for any length of time, you would think you would want it to be done well. So, I wanted a quote that included two coats only and a guarantee that that’s how many we would get. The estimate we chose was with a local contractor who guaranteed his work for 1 year and the paint had a limited lifetime guarantee. You can’t even believe how much a couple of coats of paint can change your home.