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To make it about more than appearance, the producers prioritize the interview over hot bods to create an environment filled with “interesting” pseudo-intellectuals.“If someone writes us and wants to come to our party, and we ask ‘what role does sexuality play in your life,’ and all they care to reply is ‘I love sex,’ then we don’t believe they are going to have much to offer our event,” Kenny Blunt, one of Chemistry’s hosts, said.

Chemistry has a less conventional idea of what passes for sensual and tries to foster a nuanced, inclusive sexual energy.

The historians explain in their forthcoming book The Giza Plateau Secrets and a Second Sphinx Revealed’ that news of this lost city first hit the headlines due to a Sunday Express article from March 1935 on excavations taking place of an underground city which at the time was said to date back 4,000 years.

The pair claim after that report nothing more about this city was heard.

Mr Cannon told uk: “It was as if every living Egyptologist had lost interest in this wonderful underground metropolis, for all their articles during the ensuing years are centred more on tombs of queens and shafts that had been sunk deep into the ground to burial tombs.”The historians believe a hole on the top of the head of the Sphinx could be an entrance to this lost city, along with other openings on the structure.

However, they claim to have come up against a “rose granite block wall” from the Egyptian authorities.

“For the ladies, a sexually charged environment is about the touch, the ambiance, the setting.”To provide these super sexy environs for “the ladies,” they don’t let in single men, who allegedly pose a threat to their fragile balance of sensuality and safety.

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Lodged above Madame X, Lip Service exudes images straight from Moulin Rouge.“Low, red light, curved plush furniture, fringed lace lamps, racy art on the walls,” Larisa Fuchs—a.k.a. “Dressing up is required, so everyone is looking their best, frequently in corsets or slinky lingerie.”But her outings are for amateurs, the types that want to giggle about “how crazy last night was.” Lip Service attracts youngsters who crave a story scrubbed of the grime and grit of real sex.

Everyone has to bring something to the table, even if it isn’t A abs.