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The other requirement for a wedding is to complete the aptly named ‘Wedding’ collection you’ll find under the ‘Home Item Collections’ section of the build menu.

It consists of the Windowed Rose Lattice, Floral Pillar and Wedding Arch, and while you can buy and place multiple copies of the first two items, only one each is necessary to complete the collection.

Once you’ve advanced far enough in any of the romantic stories, you’ll eventually unlock the ‘Propose’ event. No asking the father for his blessing or taking time to find wedding venues or anything like that. Alas, there are a few other things you’ll need before you can get married.

No, not a license or a minister to perform the ceremony, but you do have to be at least level 8 in order to take on a spouse (again, either gender, as is all about that equal love for everyone).

We’re assuming you can have a wife and then baby mamas on the side if that’s the way you want to roll. If you go to the bassinet, you’ll be able to perform short actions like checking on the baby or feeding it to earn XP.

On top of that, the baby will offer up hour-long events every so often that you play through the same way you do when socializing with adults, except that it takes fewer actions to speed through them if that’s what you want to do.

Interestingly, taking a wife or husband doesn’t make much of a difference in the gameplay.

You’ll still be working through relationship stories with that person the same way you did before.

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Once placed, you can use it to either adopt a child of either gender or have a baby “with" another Sim with whom you are currently in a relationship. Well, a baby doesn’t have its own stories, but it will appear on your menu with the ‘Socialize’ option of its own.Each includes several chapters, which you advance through by playing relationship events.

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