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Grand Teton National Park was created in 1929 and greatly expanded in 1950 through the generous efforts of John D.Rockefeller, Jr., who purchased and then donated over 30,000 acres. Some of the early buildings remain and can be found throughout the area of the Town Square.

The Town of Jackson is the county seat of Teton County and the only incorporated municipality in the region.

The town, often mistakenly called Jackson Hole, derives its name from "Jackson Hole", the valley in which it is located.

The town gained significant fame when a livestream of the town square went viral on You Tube in 2016, leading to much fascination with the town's elk antler arch, its law enforcement, and its prevalence of red trucks.

Less than 3% of land in Teton County is privately owned.

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97% of the 2,697,000 acres in Teton County are federally or state owned/managed.

Extreme temperatures range from −50 °F or −45.6 °C on January 1, 1979, to 98 °F or 36.7 °C on August 19, 1981, and on average 249.7 mornings fall below freezing and 41.2 of these below 0 °F or −17.8 °C; the average window for zero temperatures is from November 19 to March 12 and freezing can occur in any month.