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Enhance your attractiveness by maintaining mystique Become a heart-maker rather than a heart-breaker Know when you have found a loving soul mate rather than just a partner The Ten Commandments are the ultimate plan for fulfillment and contentment.In applying the timeless wisdom they contain to dating and romance, Shmuley Boteach will help you discover the joyful rewards of making someone else happy. Striving for higher ground in a game where the stakes are life and death.

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Ten Commandments, this book describes how to: Turn your date into a meeting of mind, body, heart, and soul Make your date feel like the happiest person in the world--because he or she has you!Love and loyalty are only an illusion, and every smiling face is not a friend. The Ten G Commandments is a tale of sex, drugs, greed, deceit, love, loyalty and at last redemption.Are the Ten Commandments still central to Christian living, despite what the Ònew moralistsÓ are saying?And God gave unto man a great gift, the gift of crab hands.

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God said to him, “You shall use these fingers to poke woman’s belly button, these palms to scoop woman’s waist, these arms to lift woman up and spin her around.

Because of that, they need The Ten Commandments of Dating to give them the hard–hitting, black–and–white, practical guidelines that will address their questions and frustrations about dating.