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25-Sep-2020 09:52

You can also transmit unintended signals by choosing date locations that seem to communicate a lack of interest in pleasing the other person.An out-of-the-way little hole-in-the-wall, for instance, can be a great date, especially if you’ve put some thought into choosing the dive.

But other invitations have the potential to communicate plenty.

And if you’re dating, you can bet that the people you’re going out with are reading every signal you offer, analyzing each one in an effort to decipher its exact meaning.

The good news is that you can transmit these signals any time you want in order to achieve a desired effect. But the bad news is that you’re also sending a steady stream of signals without even knowing it.

You may not always mean to convey that message (or to accept that implied invitation); and, of course, you should never feel obligated to go further than you’re comfortable with simply because of some implied, unspoken agreement.

But you want to at least be aware of what messages you’re sending when you offer or accept certain invitations.By the same token, if you follow every one of your statements with a nervous laugh and a quick glance around the room, you’re going to send the signal that you’re insecure or uncomfortable with yourself. But the more aware of them you are, the more you can control the way they affect your life and relationships. Do your best to communicate exactly what you want to communicate so you can avoid having to deal with the messy results of sending a message you didn’t mean to deliver.