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05-Jun-2020 19:18

As you can see from the results, some of the methods are incredibly slow.

I have run speed tests on the different methods to see which methods are the fastest for different types of tasks. You can see the average results for each method in milliseconds in the tables below: In this test, I filtered by rows that contain a given first name in the first column.

You can see that using Autofilter and Advanced filter are the fastest methods for copying and filtering rows.

At the other end you can see that a Using the Advanced Filter is the clear winner here.

Autofilter doesn’t have it’s own copy method so after filtering we have to copy the data using some other method.

Advanced Filter automatically copies the data and we can specify the columns we want to be copied. I have created two different methods of copying using Auto Filter for individual rows.

This article covers everything you need to know about Excel VBA Copy methods.

I say “Copy and Filter” because in most cases you will want to filter the data before you copy it.

Don’t worry, in this section I will provide a complete guide to selecting the correct Excel VBA copy method to use.

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