Rainie yang and show luo dating 2016

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So the question is, why do we all agree that Roy Chiu Tse is a slag man? Five years ago, Roy Chiu Tse from Taiwan to the mainland, the filming of the 80 episode TV series a film called "summer home three thousand gold", this is the beginning of his and Tang Yan's, Tang Yan plays his girlfriend down in the play Roy Chiu Tse's overbearing president and Tang Yan as the rich girl looks very good match, is said to have two people in the long drama has a spark.Because it aired after a good response, two people quickly to work one of "love woke up": This is the ordinary women and the rich president of the mix, but this play a lot more intimate scenes, inadvertently also promoted the relationship between the two people.Want to return to a friend ", let the whole crowd of two people that love assistant Tang Yan angry, Roy Chiu Tse angrily refused to announce the lie, love, do not dare, Roy Chiu Tse was hit in the face down properly The Tia Lee Roy Chiu Tse derailment is also a wonderful woman, and Roy Chiu Tse was not clear for a while, and later with Show Luo Xiaqing, and Ke Zhendong is now skelter, looks good, but about her scandal has not too good.After Tang Yan entered the entertainment circle never spread over the scandal, estimated this is the first time into the circle after the girl love, love during the pay is quite deep, so Roy Chiu Tse Tang Yan suffered a major blow to cheating, deep hurt Tang Yan once heard Dutch act attempted!The two play finished, two of the scandal already spread out, but the two did not admit in public, is said to be at that time is not to let Tang Yan Roy Chiu Tse open, the reason is Qiu Zegang to enter the mainland development, announced romance will fall powder, after all that young handsome Roy Chiu Tse is ready to go the route of idol......But there is a lot of evidence that the two people do together, Roy Chiu Tse traced the car affixed a photo of Tang Yan: The car photos was a matter in happy camp confirmed, just what the teacher said bumped seen, why let alone Bi Wen Tang Yan, was also estimated to help Tang Yan pressed the man admitted the meaning of it, the Roy Chiu Tse said: in order to ward off evil! But when Roy Chiu Tse birthday, Tang Yan generous at micro-blog sent out sweet blessing, Yang Mi also forwarded, this forwarding language, obviously it's!

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Following her parents divorce, she lived with her mother and elder sister.

Here, two people have not acknowledged the affair, but love news of the collapse came down, in 2013, micro-blog in the media broke the news, Roy Chiu Tse, Tia Lee and friends party, a group of people to play until the morning, Tia Lee drove Roy Chiu Tse back to the residence, the reporter shot behind.