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03-Nov-2020 16:07

I saw a few dogs that looked like your smaller one and the sold price ranged from to "offer accepted." I think your larger one has about the same value.

Jerry I checked Ebay for "Nipper Dog" and searched for "sold" listings.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment when you have such excellent partners as any of our ladies.Joan & Rob Rolfs' books on Nipper are outstanding and well worth owning for anyone remotely interested. Recent closed sales on e Bay don't seem to show any matches close enough to use for valuation.I checked Ebay for "Nipper Dog" and searched for "sold" listings.Just acquired this beautiful Imperial knife: I'm wondering if there is a dating chart using the numbers on the blade to tell the age.....similar to the way Zippo lighters are coded.

This gesture is commonly used by great thinkers in interviews and portraits as a sign that they are capable of complex thinking.

I haven't seen them in person, but I'm told they're not plastic, so I suspect they're plaster/chalkware.

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