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He found intact tombs and 60 of the famous portraits, and discovered from inscriptions on the mummies that they were kept with their living families for generations before burial.Under Auguste Mariette's arrangements, he sent 50% of these portraits to the Egyptian department of antiquities.Petrie was born on 3 June 1853 in Maryon Road, Charlton, Kent, England, the son of William Petrie (1821–1908) and Anne (née Flinders) (1812–1892).Anne was the daughter of Captain Matthew Flinders, who led the first circumnavigation of Australia.

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Petrie accepted the position and was given the sum of £250 per month to cover the excavation's expenses.

His father had corresponded with Piazzi Smyth about his theories of the Great Pyramid and Petrie travelled to Egypt in early 1880 to make an accurate survey of Giza, making him the first to properly investigate how they were constructed (many theories had been advanced on this, and Petrie read them all, but none were based on first hand observation or logic).

Petrie's published reports of this triangulation survey, and his analysis of the architecture of Giza therein, was exemplary in its methodology and accuracy, disproved Smyth's theories and still provides much of the basic data regarding the pyramid plateau to this day.

By the time he reached Aswan, a telegram had reached there to confirm the renewal of his funding.

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He then went straight to the burial site at Fayum, particularly interested in post-30 BC burials, which had not previously been fully studied.On that visit, he was appalled by the rate of destruction of monuments (some listed in guidebooks had been worn away completely since then) and mummies.