Overall header not updating

19-Aug-2020 00:50

Client will for sure send 500 for all the updates that is required and installed.

And also for some not required one, which I have seen is for some common updates , office updates etc. Min Source Version THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS Status, ISNULL(cs.

This is the simple state message resync script (VBS) we use Refresh Server Compliance State() Sub Refresh Server Compliance State() dim new CCMUpdates Store set new CCMUpdates Store = Create Object ("Microsoft. So a good understanding of the state message which are a part of the report is required .

For Software updates reports we have the following state messages.

If it does, we overwrite the State Message in WMI with the new State.

overall header not updating-14

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When running an update within the Terminal, users can be presented with the following error: When another package is using apt, then this error will appear.Update_Compliance Status you will not find entries for 0 and 1 for status which you would see it in the v_Update_Compliance Status All view Now to understand from where it is building this information we had checked the view v_Update_Compliance Status All SELECT ci.

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