Lee dong wook eugene dating

25-Sep-2020 04:18

They should really acknowledge u, u have a gift to attract attention like in roommates, if I was to ever come to South Korean I would really want to see u. Wookie you are so perfect in Blade man , your fascial expression is priceless and even ur silent is impressive.waiting for your next project but get some rest first we will be always waiting for u Love from the middle east :) This hot stuff is my newest life ruiner. Dong Wook you showed your real character in tv, i liked your sense of humor . I prayed that you will have more korean drama so that i can see you often in tv screen ( my laptop screen ) ( smiling ).

Just finished watching "Wild Romance" and I'm so in love with Lee dong wook. I prayed also that you will find your one true love, its time for you to get married.

I love your acting and I hope you appear in more shows with Yoo In Na together! Fate is what I'd like to call you and Yoo In Na for appearing in 2 shows together as a couple. Korean actors tend to be dragged on different controversies lately. I love him so much that I wouldnt want him to be involved. Anyways, you’re a very beautiful and talented man, I’ll definitely continue watching your works :3 My daughter is studying Korean and were advised to watch K-drama.

I am just praying that he won't be in any controversies.

Seriously the agencies should produce more of dramas with him as the leading guy. I really wish dat u have more drama roles nd ur the main lead. xoxo Just discover Lee Dong Wook early this year when I watched Scent of a Woman and you are a gifted actor. I believe he's very nice, extraordinary person in real life. He deserves to have the best projects and not only TV, but in big screen too.

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I saw you on your drama “Touch Your Heart” and I literally can’t believe you’re 37??? First saw Goblin and absolutely loved the bromance between Grim Reaper and Kim Shin. Will work through the list of your other dramas too. He looks different when he's serious or even if he looks shy. It's just an impossible dream to reach and see him. I'm dying to see you oppa, can u please visit me here in the Philippines?First drama Im watching is my girl when I was in elemetary school and after that I watching your drama and ofcourse movie. just finish watching hotel king and my girl........to see you again with lee da hae ,such a good chemistry..... Since it was my first time to see that movie, which was starred by Lee dong Wook and Kim sun ah . Then followed by My Girl, Hotel King & Scent of a Woman... and i like liking him as an adult, knowing that i will not dream about to date him or be with him, but i will love and support him as an actor. And he himself not underestimate himself .wookie you are the best ever Suzy, that's my point too. freakingly adore you in bungee jumping with your hesitation at first. Im Hoping also to watch all of your Movies, Drama Series.... I have already watched Mandate of Heaven & My Girl while waiting for 'HK" episodes. I still cannot get over him so I'm gonna watch his other Dramas while waiting for "Roomate episodes" Hope to see more comedy/drama of you. Wishing you more blessings and more dramas so we can watch you again.

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