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10-Apr-2020 11:12

Whether your harasser can be prosecuted successfully is secondary to protecting your immediate safety.

Coercion isn't necessarily the legally significant behavior here - it's the intimidation itself that may violate the law.

Threatening or intimidating is usually charged as class 1 misdemeanor under ARS 13-1202(A)(1).

In rare cases, it’s charged as a class 6 felony if alleged that the defendant made the threat in retaliation to a victim reporting criminal conduct.

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Threatening or Intimidating, under ARS 13-1202, is a serious offense that can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony.When in doubt, always work with a criminal defense lawyer to make your case.If you find yourself in need of an experienced criminal Mesa defense attorney to assist you with your threatening or intimidation charge, contact us today.Like all behavioral traits, it exists in greater or lesser manifestation in each individual person over time, but may be a more significant "compensatory behavior" for some as opposed to others.

Behavioral theorists often see threatening behaviours as a consequence of being threatened by others, including parents, authority figures, playmates and siblings.It’s a class 6 felony when a gang member threatens or intimidates.