Great expectations dating scam

19-Oct-2020 04:33

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MJ PI refers to this as one aspect of the “Cyberwar on Americans.” These are are criminals who hide behind “electronic doors” to facilitate their evil deeds.He believes it is imperative that we stop and defeat these cyber criminals.I would need to ask him more questions in order to determine the source.You and I know never to pay the blackmail; Because it will never end.Some scams are very advanced and perfected and others are simply basic tricks that the scammers developed depending on their experience.These master scammers are able to penetrate and basically hack you, including your mind and emotions.

Once they have a message from you they pull up as much information on you as possible.

If you have any empathy you are vulnerable to a romance scam.

The best thing you can do is to be informed and know what to look for.

They may have sent you a package or have you put money in a shady banking account.

They will try to convince you that you have done something illegal to scare you away from reporting them.

They get to know you through what seems like common questions, but really it’s to get information to use against you.