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05-May-2020 00:20

Robert: I had reservations, but they were really only related to work because you're gone for an extended period of time.

I didn't get a real shot to meet someone during my stint on , so this time around I thought it was an opportunity to go back on and potentially meet the girl I could fall in love with.

Since there's more than one girl on the show, it evens the playing field a bit and increases the chances of finding someone.

Glamour: Was anything reignited with Michelle Money, Graham? I think he's true in his feelings and the way he carries himself. He's a great guy and he wears his heart on his sleeve and really puts himself out there. He's my roommate and a great guy, and I think he brings a lot of great qualities to the show.__[Ed.

I always like a great personality and someone that can laugh and make fun of themselves.

If you're really uptight or not willing to be yourself, that's kind of off-putting to me.

It just took me a little longer than everybody else.

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That's not really an excuse, but I wasn't ready to get married. So the next person I'm with is going to be the person I'm going to marry; I just haven't been able to find that person or feel that way yet. I think the way I've conducted myself in the past made them think it would be a good opportunity this time around. Graham: Just pretty much the embodiment of a Hallmark card, huh?

And aside from whether or not they found love in the land of humidity and bug bites, no topic was off limits.

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