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05-Apr-2020 02:21

At this stage, other negatively charged atoms are unstable and cannot reach the detector.The negatively charged carbon atoms, however, move on to the stripper (a gas or a metal foil) where they lose the electrons and emerge as the triple, positively charged carbon atoms.

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The greatest advantage that AMS radiocarbon dating has over radiometric methods is small sample size.

Mass spectrometers detect atoms of specific elements according to their atomic weights.

They, however, do not have the sensitivity to distinguish atomic isobars (atoms of different elements that have the same atomic weight, such as in the case of carbon 14 and nitrogen 14—the most common isotope of nitrogen).

Burning the samples to convert them into graphite, however, also introduces other elements into the sample like nitrogen 14.

When the samples have finally been converted into few milligrams of graphite, they are pressed on to a metal disc.

There are essentially two parts in the process of radiocarbon dating through accelerator mass spectrometry.