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Negro Leagues, before he went south to play for the Azules de Veracruz in a state off the Gulf of Mexico. major leagues in 1947, Irvin was one of the talents who got the attention of the bigger clubs and made his debut with the New York Giants in 1949, where he became a star.

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The Major Leagues saw Jorge Pasquel as a real threat, and took action.

And they brought that caliber of baseball to Mexico. Rogers Hornsby, a veteran with seven batting championships in the Major Leagues went south in 1944 to manage and play for Pasquel’s Azules team.

White American players like Danny Gardella, Sal Maglie, Lou Klein, Max Lanier, Mickey Owen, Vernon Stephens and others, took the offer and left the Major Leagues, ignoring their contracts and going south as well.

Cool Papa Bell, regarded as the fastest black man in baseball, won the batting Triple Crown playing for Veracruz.

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Then in 1941, Josh Gibson, the greatest black power hitter of his time, smashed 33 homers in just 358 at bats, also on the Veracruz team.

Martin Dihigo carried the team to the championship in 19.

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