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22-May-2020 05:44

One of the first things I do when considering buying a vintage Fender bass is simply finding some pictures of the same bass from the same year that is all original, and simply comparing everything – tuners, the bridge, the logo, the neck, etc.A really great resource that I also use is the book “The Fender Bass” published by Hal Leonard.Around 1955 to 1963 it was moved to the neck plate.The “L” prefix was added to the serial number around 1963 to 1965.Dating at the end of the neck can be a reliable way to date a bass.Unfortunately I’ve seen many stamped dates so worn that they are impossible to read.Fender "JV" guitars were only made from 1982 to 1984.

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The example pic below shows a pot date of 137 (CTS pot code), 1974, 29th week.By 1976 the serial number was placed on the headstock that clearly defines the bass’s date.