Dating and relationships in china who is bachelor mark dating

24-May-2020 21:55

Especially for women, the pressure to get married is very real.’, a derogatory term for single women that has been hyped in the media for years.In the past few years, dating websites like have acquired millions of subscribers, the first claiming to have a membership of 85 million, the latter approximately 100 million registered users.Even more successful than dating websites are China’s dating apps.With the world’s largest smartphone market, the majority of Chinese Internet users go online through their mobile phone.Iphone and Android dating apps such as ) have become increasingly popular.Their parents’ pleas are not in vain: after the Chinese New Year, there is a 40% increase in blind dates.

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A survey by dating site Zhenai revealed that 50% of men already think a woman is ‘leftover’ when she is still single at that age.Although China has more single men, it is the “leftover” women who are stigmatized in the media, and suffer more familial and societal pressure to get married than their male counterpart.