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Mark Garren does not take communion when he goes to church.Sometimes he walks up to the priest, crosses his arms over his chest and touches his shoulders to signal that he is seeking a blessing. Garren, a 64-year-old Illinoisan, remains in his pew, watching with slight embarrassment as the rest of the row moves to the front of the church.

He has set in motion a high-level debate about whether and how the church could change its posture toward them without altering a doctrine that declares marriage to be permanent and indissoluble.A significant number have left for Protestant churches, where they feel more welcome.Others have abandoned institutional religion altogether. Often, that is not their preference.“Everyone can say, ‘Go get another flavor of soda if you don’t like this one,’ but I don’t want to be Methodist or Lutheran,” said Andrea Webb, 47, of Palm Harbor, Fla., who stopped going to church after deciding she would be able to get an annulment only if she criticized her ex-husband in ways she did not believe were truthful. Webb added, a priest told her that her status was akin to that of an adulterer, so she could not receive communion.That is a Catholic unable to receive the Sacraments (other than confession) There is no such thing as "kicked out of the Church".

Once a person is baptized as a Catholic, or converts, He is a Catholic Christian for the rest of eternity.She later lost her job at a Catholic high school when she remarried, and then left Catholicism — for a time thinking that she was putting her soul in danger by doing so.

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