Can you marry without dating

04-Dec-2020 07:49

The exceptions are Delaware and New Jersey which since 2018 have not had "exceptional circumstances" that permit underage marriages.

The exact moment he proposes, and how he does it, can be a surprise, but the idea that the two of you are ready to get married shouldn’t be.Minors also will have to wait at least 30 days before getting married, unless they are 17 and a high school graduate or one of the partners is pregnant.Since August 2019, the absolute minimum age is explicitly 16 within Colorado - with a court order that is strictly "under the best interest of the child", parents and guardian permission from both parties and no more than a three year age gap (if one of the parties of the marriage is under 18).In the remaining states, minors can marry with parental consent, and legal exceptions may exist which allow underage marriage, mostly requiring both parental and judicial authorisation, which is often allowed only in cases of pregnancy.

16 states do not have a legal minimum marriage age when judicial exceptions are taken into account.

In July 2018 a bill was signed into law by the Governor of Missouri, to implement an absolute minimum age of 16 and to ban people over 21 years old marrying people under the age of 18. From October 1, 2019 within Nevada, 17 becomes the minimum age of marriage with 4 explicit requirements of - (1) parental or guardian consent; (2) proof of Nevada residence; (3) no more than a three year age gap between both parties; and (4) a court order within the state.

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