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23-Mar-2020 06:00

It’s about pm at night, the train was half empty; I was glad that I got to sit down. Except, a few stops later a middle-aged “salaryman” sat down next to me, and pulled out a book to read. At first I didn’t notice, but as I turned around and saw a half page of near-naked ladies with their boobs hanging out, I had a mental jaw drop. I’m not sure what standards are in countries I’ve never lived in, but man, reading porn in the public???I couldn’t help but kept turning my head to confirm that he’s reading porn publicly in the train, and somehow he noticed that I noticed, and gradually swayed the book away from me. In a country that cares SO MUCH about maintaining “social harmony” and not “offending others”??? Naturally, I ranted to a supportive group of non-Japanese ladies who are also living in Japan, and the response I received made me outrageous: In the last few days following the gross event, I find myself clenching fists and glaring at the people — especially men — around me on the train.A couple days ago marked one of my most unpleasant days in Japan.I was on my way home from a dinner with some lovely friends.I’m going to leave the infamous cheating culture in the Japanese dating scene here because it’s a whole different issue, but if you want to learn more, click here.

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To #2-#4, I have continued to attempt to agree, but I’m failing to do so because as much as I want to just be myself and live in my safe gaijin bubble, I am not one to ignore my surroundings — and if I were to ignore the Japanese ways and people altogether, why am I even here? So I reread my article, and realized that it’s missing a big element — my own personal, direct encounters with the bad apples of the Japanese barrel, and not only my observation of these traits.This morning some of my favorite Cantonese and English tunes found their way to my eardrums, and for some reason, tears started rolling down my cheeks as I listened to them.

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